It’s the final build day! Both drive trains having been completed are now being fitted with the mechanical arms necessary to interact with the environment. Button designs have been finalized and will begin production soon. 


Builder Thoughts

The team has been working on building the robot all year and this is the final day for it. Given how much this day means various team members were willing to give their opinions on this momentous day. There is always more work to be done when robotics is concerned but being able to complete the physical components this early is greatly beneficial.


“It’s a little hectic, and I’d rather it not be the final build day but here we are.” Said Mitchel Schotzko, CAD specialist. 


“I’m relieved to be done building,” said Preston Holm who remembered the last robotics competition where the team had to burn the midnight oil to get the robot done in time

Wyll Roberts, who worked long past midnight of his own volition in order to complete the robot last year said: “I’m glad I don’t have to be up 21 hours this time”

Mr. Johnson, our CTE instructor, “We got a little ways to go yet, but we’ll hopefully get it done today”.