The Alluminators can’t do what we do without your help. We don’t just build robots, we build skills and leaders. Team members learn project management, design, CAD, metal fabrication, electrical wiring, programming, and many more trade skills. Students are tasked with leading and following their peers when the time calls for it. Whether that’s taking charge to get something done on schedule or hearing out others’ ideas and executing them efficiently. But we need your help to do it. Through sponsorship we can connect to more people, help students with difficult financial situations, create new opportunities, and build better robots.


We wouldn’t ask for your help without giving something in return. Depending on sponsorship amount you could have the following benefits:

Copper Sponsor- $1-499

Business name/logo on our website and the back of team shirts
Regular email updates regarding robot build progress

Iron Sponsor – $500-1499

Previous Benefits plus…
Business name/logo on the robot + pick location for logo on shirt
Invited to End-of-Season luncheon

Aluminum Sponsor – $1500+

Previous Benefits plus…
Business name/logo in our competition booth
Personalized, Student-Made “Thank You” Plaque

If you’d like to support our team, please fill out the information below.