The main goal for The Alluminators for the 2018 FIRST Power Up game is to create a robot focused on scoring boxes into the exchange zone. Our design features an intake system containing a series of wheels that collect and hold the box. The entire intake is located on a linear slider that can bring the collection system up to the level of the switch, allowing us to score into the switch. The robot will also be capable of climbing the bar during the end game. Our design has a linear slider attached to a hook. The linear slider detaches from the hook once the hook is on the bar. Then a winch will pull the robot up to the bar. On the side of our robot, there are bars for other teams to use to climb using our robot. During the autonomous period, our robot can score in the switch and cross the line. During our teleop period, our robot will focus on scoring in the exchange to earn power ups. During the endgame, our robot will climb the bar to face the boss.


 This is our robot we will use at competition(Clyde), and below that, our test robot(Bonnie):